10 Surprisingly Effortless Ways to Get Fit (You Never Knew Existed)

You want to get in shape, but all that sweat and exercise… Not funny, is it? Gyms are expensive, life opposes it. What are the ways in which you can get in shape without too much effort? You won’t believe these ten tips.

They are so simple that anyone can follow them and improve their fitness level in a short time. Remember that the most important effort you need to make is to start following these tips and stick to them.

Your height, heart and knees will thank you for making this first effort and following it to the letter. And you’ll love our ideas for couples who want to get in shape!

1. Do Something

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, just getting up and moving will make a huge difference to your fitness level. No matter what you do, all that matters is that you move.

Take ten steps and work up to thirty. Walk half a mile and try to make a mile. Lift five pounds and try to lift seven. Small steps add up. And don’t compare yourself to the others in the gym. You’re there and that’s all that matters.

2. Eat Right

Cut sugar, artificial sweeteners, white flour and processed foods. And most importantly, stop eating fast food and drinking sugary drinks.

These foods will not help you get in shape and have no place in a healthy lifestyle. You will feel better, you will be healthier and you will lose weight. You may not be fit, but you may have more energy to get in shape.

Eat more lean protein, healthy vegetables, whole grains and good fats.

3. Visit the Library

Most people don’t realize that your public library is a great resource for workout videos. If you’re too embarrassed to go to the gym, get a DVD and try different activities in the privacy of your home. Have you always wanted to try belly dancing? There is a DVD for this!

You can also find free workouts online. Don’t buy dVDs or workout programs until you’re sure to stick to it.

4. Set a Goal

Set a realistic goal. You’re not going to lose 100 pounds in a month. Set a goal of 4 or 5 pounds, then reward yourself. And not with food.

Do you want to run a five-mile run? Make sure you reach that goal and wear your t-shirt proudly. Many charities sponsor the 5 km, so make two shots with one stone.

You know each other, so choose a reasonable goal and reward yourself. And be honest. If you haven’t earned it, try harder!

5. Date Night

Think back to the date party. Instead of dinner and a movie, go to the gym, take a dance class, go for a walk. There are many free activities in most communities. On the other hand, exercising together can invigorate your relationship.

If you have a must-see TV show, go to the gym and exercise while watching it. Time flies and it’s better than sitting on the couch and shovelling snacks.

6. A Desk Gym

We all know this boring guy who does fitness and hangs on to his desk. You can do the same thing, but in a less boring way. Get up when you take a phone call. Take a break and walk around the office once an hour. This will make you feel better not only mentally, but also physically. You can even do aerobics on a chair.

You can do the same thing at home, and no one will wonder what you are doing.

7. Schedule It

If you put it in your diary, you won’t forget it. Plan your workouts and do them on time. If you hate to train at 5 in the morning, you won’t, then choose a time when you will.

If you haven’t taken your 10,000 steps, go around the block before heading home. The break between work and family life can help you relax and make the transition. Or encourage one of your children to come with you. Sometimes children open up for a walk.

8. Find a Friend

Human or canine, it works. It’s hard to resist the tender eyes that you hope you’ll take them for a walk. You can often borrow a dog from a friend or volunteer at an animal shelter. And as many American dogs are overweight, you will also help your canine friend.

Having a human friend or colleague who depends on you for a walk helps motivate you. Focus on walking, not chatting. You can challenge your friend in a race down the stairs or in the neighborhood.

9. Track Steps

This is a two-part article. First, get and wear a pedometer. Buy one with flashing lights and a computer interface for a 21st century look. Your goal is to take 10,000 steps or 8 km a day. You have to follow all your steps, from the printer to the toilet to the canteen, because they all count.

Then you have to get to the basics. Take the stairs halfway instead of the elevator. Park further, change the TV manually and go around the block during your breaks. It all counts.

10. Exercise for Three Minutes

Exercise three minutes at a time. The problem is that you have to raise your heart rate. Jump rope, run on the spot, run to your mailbox and come back, sprint down the stairs at work – you get it.

Increase your heart rate for 30 seconds, four to six times in a row or three minutes. Do it twice a day and you’ll have a great cardio workout.


Yes, we cheated. There’s no way to get in shape without making an effort, but effort doesn’t have to be a festival of sweat.

Eat healthier and cleaner, make every step count, try a new activity, find a friend who walks. Just move. If you’re not comfortable or can’t afford a gym, go online or to the municipal library to find DVDs.

The more fit you want, the more effort you will have to make. But the most important effort you can make is to get up off the couch in the first place.